portrait of a happy teen girl with a group of friends

Adolescent Services

The Moore Center offers comprehensive Outpatient programming—including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Step-Down programs—to meet the needs of male and female adolescents, ages 13-18, struggling with eating disorders. In addition to individualized treatment for the patient themselves, The Moore Center involves the family in the treatment process to support eating disorders recovery.

The hallmark component of The Moore Center’s treatment approach for children and adolescents is an innovative family program, in which parents are empowered to become agents of change for their young loved ones and help them sustain recovery into the future. Family Directed Treatment is a treatment intervention that educates parents and families about eating disorders and enables them to manage the weight restoration and re-feeding processes until the child or teen can assume responsibility for these tasks (when developmentally appropriate). Contrary to earlier family therapy models that viewed “family problems” as part of the etiology of the eating disorder, we consider families to be an essential part of the recovery process, both during treatment and following discharge.

Additionally, The Moore Center offers housing options for out-of-area adolescent patients and their families to support close proximity to the treatment center and involvement of families in the daily treatment process. Nearly 30 percent of patients and families come to The Moore Center from outside the greater Seattle area. Learn more about the Family Apartments here.